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Episode 36


Andrew Schulz, the co-founder of NoiseAware, a company that provides noise monitoring technology, sits down with Matt and Brian this week to explain the idea behind the company. Andrew shares how NoiseAware works by sensing noise levels in a home...

Episode 362022-05-24T15:34:26+00:00

Episode 35


Matt and Brian sat down with Steve Cody, the CEO and co-founder of Bunking. Steve has created several rental businesses and marketplaces throughout his career. Bunking, his most recent company, came to be when his...

Episode 352022-05-12T18:46:57+00:00

Episode 34


This week on GuestX, we sat down with Madison Rifkin, the CEO, and Founder of Mount. Mount improves the guest experience by enabling property managers to rent amenities already present in the home, such as bikes, scooters...

Episode 342022-05-12T18:47:33+00:00

Episode 33


It’s all about guest experience at Villas of Distinction. Matt and Brian caught up with Steve Lassman, the vice president of Villa Product and Agency Relations for World Travel Holdings’ luxury villa division. Steve explains their guest-first approach...

Episode 332022-05-12T18:47:51+00:00

Episode 32


Chip Conley, the founder of Joie de Vivre, and NYT best-selling author has one of the most fascinating entrepreneurial journeys we’ve heard on GuestX. From founding his own boutique hotel empire to working with Airbnb from the very beginning...

Episode 322022-05-12T18:48:33+00:00

Episode 31


Creating an experience for your customers isn’t a simple task. The guest experience goes beyond the onsite experience – it starts with the guest’s first touch point with your brand. In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Tom Kenyon...

Episode 312022-05-12T18:48:59+00:00

GuestX Podcast Recap: The First 80 Episodes


Co-hosts Matt and Brian sit down and reflect on the first nine months of the GuestX Podcast. Reviewing the variety of guests they’ve interviewed and the most important topics discussed on the show...

GuestX Podcast Recap: The First 80 Episodes2022-05-12T18:49:52+00:00

Episode 30


Loma Homes’ Co-Founder, Jeff Brown, joins us this week to share how he and his team is taking a unique position in the industry. They create immersive experiences for their guests through themed vacation homes...

Episode 302022-05-12T18:50:09+00:00

Episode 29


This week, Matt and Brian met up with Jaclyn Riley, the global director of marketing and communications at Club Quarters Hotels. Jaclyn draws from her knowledge of the global hospitality marketing field to explain the nuances of scaling a brand

Episode 292022-05-27T18:30:02+00:00

Episode 28


This week on GuestX, we spoke with Mark Levy, a veteran in the employee experience segment and the former Global Head of Employee Experience at Airbnb. Mark draws on the variety of experiences he’s had throughout his career...

Episode 282022-05-12T18:50:45+00:00
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